» Uncle Joe vs. the Photographer

Uncle Joe vs. the Photographer

Why hire a professional photographer rather than “Uncle Joe”?

The best way to answer this question is to tell a story about “Uncle Joe.” (a real life example)

While attending a friend’s wedding, they (at the request of the groom) had a relative “with a good camera” take the photos of their wedding, which of course, he did.
After the wedding, he gave the bride the photos that he took of her special day, minus one important thing.  Everyone’s feet.  No shoes, no feet, nothing below the ankle.  Everyone looked like they were suspended on their ankles.

This wouldn’t have happened with a professional photographer…

With a professional photographer, we can capture more shots/images of your event as we can move around the venue and are experienced in capturing your special day without interruption.  We are generally ignored by the guests to go about our job.  Guests are invited to your wedding to witness and share your special day, not take photos of what they can from their seat in the church, or the reception.  Where as they are welcome to take photos from where they are and share them with you, they generally are of one perspective, and may not show you in your best light.  Also, since they are a guest, they want to enjoy the wedding, and their main focus is not to capture all the precious moments of your wedding, but to hang out with family and friends.

Also, photographers are skilled in posing the bride/groom and bridal party, working with them to get the best poses within the time available.

Lastly, a good photographer will also edit your photos to bring out the best in them.  This is a skill and art form in and of itself…  “Uncle Joe” typically will not have these software packages or skill sets and thus the photos may not have the correct colors, be off center, or leaning to one side or another.  That is why editing can take anywhere from a week, up to a month (an on rare occasion, longer), depending on what is being done.

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