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How to find a Photographer

At Toscana Photography, our goal is to make sure your wedding is as memorable
as  possible.  That is why we offer these guidelines to aid you in selecting a
wedding photographer.

Begin by doing your research to determine what kind of photographer you are
looking for.  Are you looking for photojournalist, reportage or maybe documentary?

Ask friends or brides you know.  Who did they use?  Did they like them?

A key factor in selecting a photographer is their personality.  Are they friendly?  How do they behave?  Do they listen to you and care about your day/event?

Conduct a search in the area in which you live and review their work.  Do you like
their style?  Have they shot a wedding similar to yours?  Are they within your
budget?  Will they work within your budget?  How long have they been in business?

After determining several good candidates, email them and find out if they are
available for the date of your wedding.  Ask what kind of products do they offer?
Are they willing to work/listen to you and follow your vision for your wedding?  Are their responses prompt?

Information about us

We dress up (suite and tie) or dress down (upon request) depending on your
wedding preference. We also treat your guests with the utmost respect and
kindness when we interact with them.

We strive to make the photography portion of your wedding go as smoothly as
possible.  We’ve designed several packages with popular options for you to choose
from.  We will meet with you at your convenience to go over the details of your
wedding.  We keep in contact with you throughout the planning stage and offer
resources to you to make your engagement session and photography needs easy.

We’re familiar with several locations throughout the DC, Maryland and Virginia area
and we will travel to Baltimore, Annapolis, the Eastern Shore and to Richmond.
We’ve also gone as far as to photograph weddings in the Niagara Falls area and in
the Caribbean.  We are willing to travel to almost anywhere to capture your special day!

We’ll sit down with you at a convenient location to discuss the details of your
wedding.  Our goal is to capture the essence and magic of your wedding for you
to relive and enjoy for years and generations to come.


Selecting the right photographer will only enhance your wedding day experience.
You should look for someone with experience in photographing weddings in different
locations and environments, someone that is friendly and personable that can
offer suggestions on what to do to enhance your photos and offers great products
to share your photos with your family and friends.

Photography is only one aspect of your wedding.  Our goal is to be unobtrusive
and not interfere with the flow of the events for your ceremony.  We have gone to
great lengths to capture the shots, but not get in the way.

Don’t delay and contact us to check on our availability for your wedding date.  We
can also meet for a no obligation consultation so you can get to know us and
determine if we are the right choice for you.  We will also bring along a wedding
album so you can see an example of what we can provide to you.

All the best,


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