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Giving Back

One thing I’ve always liked to do is to give back.  Over the years, I’ve been the recipient of numerous offers of advice, acts of kindness and support.  As a result, I like to give back to those who could use the help.  Every year, we will  donate 5% of our gross earnings to charity.  To see who we’ve helped in the past, please see below:


Children of Vietnam – Some friends of our asked me if I would be willing to donate my services at a silent auction to raise funds for some orphaned Children in Vietnam.  Needless to say, I agreed and attended the silent auction at their home.  Want to help?

Update (Nov. 2012):  The auction was a success!  There was a bidding war and we raised over $200 to  benefit those in need.  Thank you to all that bid making it a success!


Telsla Museum Fund – If you’ve never heard of Nicola Tesla, he invented/discovered (or participated in jointly) many things that we enjoy today like radar and radio.  A fundraiser was created on a crowd funding site to buy his old laboratory in New York State and turn it into a museum.

Update (May 2, 2013):  The old building was purchased saving it from destruction.  It is now being cleaned up and renovated to eventually turn it into a museum.  Want to help?


Doctors Without Borders (March 2014):  We’ve recently begun donating to Doctors without borders.  There is never a shortage of people in need around the world…


School Supplies (ongoing): – I’ve donated school supplies to local schools for several years, throughout the state of Virginia.  You can’t learn if you don’t have the supplies you need!

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